As part of the check-in process for most hotels, guests are asked for their preferred room type or view. The view from a hotel room can add to your overall experience at the hotel. Some rooms may have views as horrible as a rubbish dump, as manageable as another building blocking your windows or breathtaking views that could help you unwind.

Here are some spectacular views to long for in Nigeria: Curio Hilton Airpot Hotel Lagos

Curio Hilton Airport Hotel with the view of different aircrafts and the tarmac of the Muritala Mohammed International Airport Lagos. Feel free to spot planes or just watch take off and landing from your room. Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort Uyo

In Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort, you have a view of the pool area, the golf course and the rainforest. This view is not just for sightseeing but is accompanied with the beautiful sound of birds chirping.

FlyBoku Obudu Mountain Resort Cross River State

A refreshing view of the pool area, the mountains with the clouds settling on their peaks at the Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross River Sate. The view with the fresh air and the sound of water is simply out of this world. How much closer can you get to nature?

Deji Atunwa, Radisson Blu Anchorage Facebook Radisson Blu Anchorage Victoria Island

Radisson Blu Anchorage, Victoria Island Lagos has this beautiful view of its swimming pool, the lagoon with boats doing their thing and the other side of the city. Watch the different types of boats on our waterways as you get an insight to the typical life in Lagos

scolecid Sheraton Hotel Abuja

This view of the Papillon restaurant and the pond at Sheraton Abuja is just beautiful. It can be seen from inside the hotel and from the elevated floors. It is usually accompanied with the sound of music and running water and is very relaxing

Lagos Oriental Facebook Lagos Oriental Hotel

Lagos Oriental Hotel’s spectacular view also has its swimming pool, the lagoon with boats passing by, in addition to the view of other side of town. It is usually a refreshing sight to behold.

Sun International Federal Palace Lagos

The view from your room at the Federal Palace Hotel is just awesome. You have the combination of the pool club, the playground and the sea with ships and boats sailing pass. Check out this view of the sun setting and its reflection on the water, really awesome!

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