Choosing a hotel that will cater for children could be a challenge for many parents. A holiday could be frustrating if the young ones are idle and restless and as a result, could end up not being a refreshing break.

There are some hotels that have thought about the best ways to keep children occupied with the parents also having a good time through either participating in these activities or doing others.

If you are considering taking your family or a group on holidays and having good value for your money, here are some ideas.

Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort, Uyo

Ibom Hotel and Resort Facebook Page Ibom Hotel & Resort

Ibom Hotel and resort is one of the top leisure and conference centers in Nigeria. Its peculiar golf course draws lovers of the game to Akwa Ibom State, the hotel also has a lawn tennis court, sufficient space for cycling or running, a swimming pool, a playground, state of the art fitness center, a corner for computer games in its spacious lobby and comfortable suites and connecting rooms. All these are available with complimentary experience of pure nature.

Eko Hotels & Suites, Lagos

Patricia Akpan | Nigerian Hotel Blog

Eko Hotels and Suites is a popular Conference Hotel but also serves a popular leisure hotel catering for families and refreshingly, children. The hotel as a swimming pool, a lawn tennis court, state of the art gym, a spa, events by popular musicians and comedians, a playground for children etc

Federal Palace Hotel & Casino Lagos

ekocityguide Federal Palace Leisure Center

Federal Palace Hotel and Casino is located in Lagos and has many options for all age groups. The hotel has an olympic size swimming pool, waterpark, a lawn tennis court, a casino, a playground with trampoline and jungle gym. There is also a jogging track and a fully equipped gym.

Tinapa Lakeside Resort, Calabar Tinapa Lakeside Resort

Tinapa Lakeside Resort is located in Calabar, Cross River State. The resort has beautiful rooms, a waterpark, fisherman’s wharf and games arcade. It is a highly recommended destination for families and usually packaged with obudu cattle ranch in Northern Cross River State. Calabar is known for its festival during Christmas and its mouthwatering cuisine.

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