There are times guests seem bored and are not sure how to occupy themselves in the hotel. Your reason for lodging in the hotel has to be clear from the time of making the reservation. This is the best way to prevent being idle or bored, especially if you are staying alone.

Choose a hotel to suit the purpose of your visit. You might have very little to do as a leisure guest, if you check into a business hotel or airport hotel.

Here are some ideas of activities you could be involved in while lodging in the hotel alone

Binge TV Watching

Patricia Akpan | Nigerian Hotel Blog

Depending on what interests you, binge watching is the top favourite activities to do in the hotel. Sports, News, Movies, Cartoons, National Geographic or Discovery, the options are endless. The only problem is that very few hotels offer these wide range of TV programmes.

If you happen to find yourself in a hotel that has limited channels and you don’t have your own movies or computer games, then you have to come up with a Plan B.

Chill Out At The Lounge or Lobby

HotelsClick Four Points by Sheraton Lagos Lobby

Chilling out at the Lounge or Lobby is another favourite for guests. You can sit here, have some time to yourself while observing the world with your five senses or you can have a drink, get inspired by culture, art, fashion or gadgets. Many guests stay at the lobby and can still get work done but others can choose to relax and clear their heads. It can be refreshing.

Visit The Bar

Patricia Akpan | Nigerian Hotel Blog

If TV and the Lounge are not enough for you, then another suggestion is to visit the bar. Networking happens easier here at the bar compared to the lounge. Most times there is a game on TV – in Nigeria it’s usually football matches. It’s always a good topic to use if you are looking to start a conversation.

Attend Events In The Hotel Events Center

Patricia Akpan | Nigerian Hotel Blog Atilogwu Dancers at Sheraton Abuja

Find out what events are holding in the hotel and confirm how to have access to them. Cultural displays, concerts, exhibitions, plays or seminars. Go get curious and learn something new. This usually occupies, satisfies and entertains guests a lot

Visit the Restaurant

Patricia Akpan | Nigerian Hotel Blog Restaurant

If you want time to yourself then order room service but if you are actually bored, have your meals at the restaurant and pretend you are a food explorer. Try out different cuisines and don’t hesitate to ask the waiters what the food consists of.


Ibom Resort Facebook page Tennis at Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort

Burn some calories in the hotel, release some happy hormones. There are many activities to do in the hotel. Most places have a gym and possibly swimming pool. There are so many hotels that offer more leisure activities – biking, space for running, golf, tennis, aerobics classes, volleyball and basketball.

Visit the Spa and Sauna

Four Points by Sheraton Facebook Page Four Points By Sheraton Spa

Finally, If the hotel has a Spa, book and have a spa treatment. Let them do the magic they are good at so you can actually unwind. If you are still bored after trying all these options, then its time to go home

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