Transcorp Hilton Abuja is an award- winning hotel and is known for its ambience and outstanding services. It caters to both business and leisure guests and is always coming up with innovative ways to keep its guests.

With the current global Covid-19 pandemic, many hotels are discovering new ways to encourage people to reconnect with the hospitality industry again. It’s a time when both the hotel and its guests are very cautious as nobody wants to be infected or be responsible for spreading the virus.

Transcorp Hotel Abuja in partnership with Play Network Africa and Blue Picture Entertainment present ‘Drive-in Movie Night’ where individuals and small groups can enjoy a movie in their ‘bubbles’ from the comfort of their cars .

It is ‘Government Approved’ and you are less exposed to Coronavirus as you are in your own car, in your own space and a safe distance from others around you… and don’t forget the popcorn and drink.

If you happen to be in Abuja and would like to visit a cinema without being exposed, here is your solution.

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